To know the importance of nursing profession, first think about profession. All of the professions have their own values and importance. Profession is an intellectual and scientific body of knowledge and practices. Due to the intellectual and scientific body of knowledge and practices, all of the professions require higher level of education and special related training to run the profession smoothly. Now talk about nursing profession, which is highly demanding and becoming so valuable and respectable profession day by day not only here in Nepal but also all over the world. Nursing profession has an excellent reputation. They are regarded as honest and caring by the general public. Nurses are using their influence to create positive change in country. In every disaster management, nurses are playing significantly influencing role to manage critical situation. To know the importance of nurses, we can discuss the period of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) period. Now, COVID-19 (Coronavirus) continues to spread globally and nurses are highly responsible for the care and initial touch point of patients who has infected and may be infected. Nurses are playing the vital role at the forefront of public health care challenges, natural disaster relief effort, research activities and public health issue etc. Nursing profession has developed numerous types of nursing education programs in the last decades, which resulted in a variety of nursing levels, like bachelor, master and doctoral degrees in various subjects. In practice, the overall quality of nursing care is satisfactory and as per patient’s need. But, here are still some misconception about nursing profession. Some of misconception associated with nursing profession are, nurses do what doctors tell them, nursing is just clinical practice, nursing school is easy, all nurses are same skills, they are all women, all nursing jobs are same etc. Due to the misconception about the nursing profession, we are facing many threats and challenges like, low prestige, poor public perception, stressful conditions, poor quality of training and education etc. But, the truth is that nursing professionals are a vital part of any health care team.

As a nurse, we are focusing our services on what is ? and what should be ? in our nursing activities. To create strong delegation towards our service, we are maintaining balance co-ordination, co-operation and two way well communication system not only with functional level but also with corporate level. To run nursing activities smoothly, we are becoming well familiar with the conceptual knowledge and practice about ethical consideration, ethical responsibilities, ethical dilemmas, legal authority, nursing philosophies, nursing norms, nursing professionalism, nursing code of ethics and organizational rules and regulations etc. For our effectiveness and efficiency in our services, we are taking appropriate feedback, valuable suggestion and guidelines through supervision, monitor and evaluation from responsible level and also maintaining good inter personal relationship with stakeholders.

Because of changing globalization scenario, the role of nursing is expending day to day. At the same time, the nurse has to able to move her to participate in different nursing activities. Due to genuine profession, our service always focus on patient’s care and appropriate advocacy with patients, patient’s party, society etc. to attaining, maintaining and recovering the optimal health. To improve our public image and to obtain a stronger position, we need to increase our visibility. This could be realized by ongoing related education and challenging work environment that encourages us to stand up for ourselves. Now, it’s not enough to lead our profession. That’s why, we always focus on result oriented. To provide better result in nursing services, we have to work in team spirit. By using team spirit approach, we can create synergy effect in our service. Synergy has been described as the 2+2=5. In synergy effect, 2+2 means not exactly 4 but always more than 4. When we look for combined results that reflect a better result than would be achieved by the same resources used independently as separate. So, the concept of team spirit clarify that the combined performance is always greater than the sum of it’s parts. To provide better result day by day in our services, we have to focus to reduce conflict which creates barriers in our performance. Generally, we have to able to avoid conflict as soon as possible by using the appropriate techniques like avoidance, dominance, negotiation, compromise, appeal procedure, bargaining and system restructuring etc. whatever is appropriate and acceptable according to need and situation.  But now the concept of conflict has changed. Certain level of conflict is essential and important to improve our services. According to changing concept, we accept it not only negative form but also positively. Some conflicts are really good and play the vital role to improve our performance. That’s why, we have to able to maintain balance level of conflict in our service. If conflict is too high, it destroys our performance. If it is too low our performance is also too low. So, we must able to maintain desirable level of functional conflict for our betterment and effectiveness. But, we have to able to manage conflict timely. If it goes out of our hand, it brings many threatens and barriers to us.

In our career, we always need related updated training and practice to improve our service. Only thorough the updated related training and practices we can success to get lots of opportunities. The main aim of education from training is not only knowledge and skills whatever we gained but also action what we applied in our work. So, we have to able to transfer our skills, knowledge and experience whatever we have gained from our nursing training to other nurses. We always need motivation to improve our job performance. To motivate different level of nursing staffs is really tough and challenging. To motivate them, it is essential to be familiar about nurse’s job position, condition and nature etc. We can’t motivate all level of nursing staffs with same manner. So, we should able to motivate different level of nursing staffs differently. For example, we can motivate higher level of nursing staffs by providing respective field and providing challenging job. For middle level of nursing staffs we can motivate by getting promotion as per need and ability and providing flexible work schedule in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. And, we can motivate temporary nursing staffs by providing permanent job if essential.