Message from Nursing Director

“Quality Nursing Care message from Nursing Director”

“The trained nurse has become one of the great blessings of humanity, taking a place beside the physician and the priest.”

Dr. William Osler

Canadian physician and founder of Johns Hopkins University


Nursing is a profession that requires great intelligence, motivation, and determination. 

To be a successful nurse leader, need to have a clinical background in order to lead and understand every aspect of the nursing role and patient needs.

Primarily working in hospitals, as  the role of a Nursing Director is that of executive-level supervision and leading the team to excellence. A patient care director ensures that all programs and patient interactions center on the well-being of patients. Working throughout the hospital to address patient concerns, train staff and oversee daily functioning, the patient care coordinator is essential to make sure that the hospital is in compliance with regulations and operations run smoothly.

 Om Hospital has 15 different Departments plus 213 dedicated Nursing staffs till date under Nursing Units which always provides quality health care towards patients and clients. This hospital is the pioneer in establishing I.V.F. centre as well as, this is a referral center for Gynaecology and Obstetrics services, Haemodialysis, Oncology, Critical Care and Complicated Surgeries.

In the journey of  Covid 19, important implications and recommendations more staffs recruited and opened new covid wards as required for similar health crisis preparedness and  competent. Hospital administration can create a sense of solidarity and good teamwork in such a crisis. Monitoring and supervision are needed to maintain the chain of command and to ensure implementation of activities. Provision of quality health care services in a health crisis needs to be motivated to Health Care Workers, with transparent work division. Protecting staffs by quality training and orientation in infection preventive measures and by ensuring adequate pool of quality PPE are necessary as well as co-ordination and communication within the hospital environment. The  nurses can be found all over the hospital dealing with patient concerns and complaints regarding care.

Our  staff Nurses Provide direct, professional nursing care to a specified patients in an inpatient or an outpatient setting and Perform  evaluation of new and existing patients to determine priority and suitability of treatment and/or need for modifications. They May perform specialized nursing procedures related to the unique needs of a particular patient population.

Our nursing Officers  Ensure nursing operational standards are met and  Provide reports on productivity, quality and clinical  services as well as establish a compassionate environment by providing psychological support to patientsand family.

Our  Nursing Supervisors ensure adherence to all relevant nursing standards and maintain quality assurance of nursing documentation and patient  records as well as ensure compliance with nursing policies and procedures

As a Nursing Director, I Recruit and maintain a quality stable staff to meet the level of acuity of the hospital census and  Coordinate scheduling and staff assignments. I  insure that the nursing staff receives sufficient in-service education, training and development to meet their needs for self development and maintain current certifications as well as develop, implement and administer nursing policies and procedures to insure staff has appropriate guidelines that meet the various regulatory requirements. I  Supervise nursing activities verifying that medications are given as ordered and appropriate documentation is maintained to meet physician needs and regulatory requirements. Maintaining quality care standards are appropriate considering the patients level of acuity, the hospital’s capacity and staff, and whether the patient has proper consent.

We plan and implement procedures and protocols geared towards quality patient satisfaction to meet the emotional and physical needs of those admitted to the hospital. As a patient experience director,  will work closely with all departments and upper management to monitor and educate staff to ensure that a patient-centered culture is carried out with every interaction with patients and their families.

Strong communication, interpersonal and problem-solving abilities are desired for this position. In addition, experience as a nurse at an inpatient facility is necessary. Having the ability to develop and lead nurses to provide top-notch services for patient care is rewarding and is one of the nursing management jobs that can prove to be a very satisfying career. As a liaison between the medical staff and patients, excellent communication skills along with the ability to smooth over issues with upset staff and patients is a desired trait.

The main focus of this profession is to improve the quality of patient care by improving patient outcomes. We recruit nurses with a valid license and have graduated from an accredited program. We utilize our expertise in nursing, exercise leadership abilities, and still allows to stay in direct patient care. This new career choice is an excellent opportunity for highly experienced nurses to be rewarded for their dedication to the nursing profession.

As a  Nursing Director, am doing all aspects of nursing such as hiring, problem-solving for patients, instituting protocol and procedures pertaining to the nursing staff, and orientation and training for the nursing staff. Directors of nursing are employed in hospitals, extended care facilities. This position is one of the top leadership roles in nursing, so a diverse and plentiful background in nursing is required. Duties and responsibilities consist of hiring and training nursing staff, providing in-servicing, conducting performance reviews, and developing policy and procedures. A great nursing leader needs to have passion for the profession and empathy for the patients. Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills are essential to communicate effectively with staff and keep the institution running efficiently. For all jobs in nursing management, conflict resolution skills are crucial as day-to-day problems arise.