I’m glad to have the chance to work after a long time TUTH, KAHS, NMC at the first hospital I worked at. But at the same time, the epidemic of Corona started from China and spreading, Nepal also entered through Europe, America. And many of the staff used to say in this joke that mam brought Corona along with the । in.

Yes, even after seeing this strange poke, it made the world busy with thorns and thorns and caused extraordinary damage to many people’s lives. Truly to this day, 96,009,891 people around the world were infected with Corona. 2,049,348 people died and 68,630,134 recovered. In the context of Nepal, 2,67,644 people were infected, 1,965 died and 2,61,818 were cured.Really, this corona has many ups and downs in the hospital. It has reached to the point that people should not go to hospital in their mentality. This corona is in havoc and the patients in the hospital will be afraid to come. The number of patients is getting very low. As a result, the number of patients is less than the staff. That’s why we have to practice a lot in human resources. This is the strange thing of this covid, it taught us all to wash hands. Taught to clean and then taught to wear Hazmat Suit which covers nose, mouth, body and whole body. It made me not able to sit without wearing claws in my hands. Used wrongly even due to necessity or fear.Since it has been infected for the first time in the world, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is not available, we have struggled a lot for ordering and quality for the standard set. The hospital Covid Management team left any such disposal items coming from China, it became very difficult. The hospital is guaranteed to manage staff goods and wards in the hospital to run daily. New wards Covid, I. C. U, Covid Emergency, Covid Isolation, Covid High Care opened. Slowly after the number of Covid patients is increasing.Store a little more things in a blessed time and never needed claws and helped financially even though the price of the goods increased a lot. During this lockdown, the employees were also agreed to work in the ward by doing many counseling, so that there is no pressure of patients, women and childbirth, health, medical and cancer wards were also done to say that they are not very sick.Lockdown has started, the pressure of patients increased but the management has a little problem. We kept walking everyday searching, searching, fighting for ways on how to operate and organize. Really, this corona has taught us to do many new things. This odd situation taught me to walk in new goreto. Courage and ball taught us to fight with Corona. Staff continues to decrease and increase. And many patients had to refer to the wades not empty. Perhaps this could result in the hospital’s low fees and well organized. Thank you to all the management team and all the staff for our day to day tireless effort and harmony, support and service to the patients that made us open more isolation wards.Finally, myself including the managing operators, medical director, administrative managers, doctors, nurses, administrative staff, helpers were infected. Patient service may result in overnight service but we are proud of this tireless effort and happy when patients go home in recovery and two words of thanks. Now many society is spread in the society. The second wave has come abroad but we Nepali are hoping for a vaccine. Sad when so many doctors, nurses, journalists, security personnel, helpers, front line service have to leave the world. I pray to God that these souls may rest in heaven. May the family of that person be able to bear the knowledge and wisdom.I am proud of you. We two husband and wife also succeeded to win Corona. Thank you God for giving me the strength, strength to achieve this success. Hail to all the people of the world.Thank you.