Before describing nursing In-charge’s role, first we should be well familiar with nursing profession. To discuss on it, first we should think about profession. A profession is an intellectual and scientific body of knowledge that requires higher education and special training. So, nursing profession is a genuine profession focused on patient’s care and appropriate advocacy with patient, patient’s party, society etc. to attaining, maintaining and recovering the optimal health.Nursing In-charge is a nursing manager or nursing head in her ward. As a nursing head she plays the role of nursing manager in the ward. So, she has to play the role of leader, educator, facilitator, counselor, collaborator, communicator, creator, evaluator, decision maker, motivator, problem solver, planner, good organizer and researcher etc. to assure her quality in nursing management. She is responsible for the daily management of the patients in management of the patients in her ward. That’s why she needs strong team work, standard procedures and appropriate guideline. She has the authority to make certain decisions when problem comes in her ward. She also has a responsibility to provide appropriate guidance and valuable suggestion to her subordinates especially to less experiences nurses. Nursing In-charge is a creative and challenging job that involves coordinating the work of people with varying skills, education, and personalities to provide safe and high – quality patient care. She has to accept responsibility for staff performance, resource utilization and patient outcomes, as well as ensuring that care is delivered according to standards protocol, practice and organizational policy.Here is one crucial question, why Nursing In-charge should be able to change her performance according to changing scenario drastically? Because, environment is changing. Competitors are changing. Our society, culture , thoughts, concepts, attitudes and perception etc. are changing. It’s the time for change that is accepted by world and why not us? Every days all our competitors are making decision about what to change and how to do it. No one in the world can’t survive if it is the same today as it was yesterday. If we makes the change same as our competitors then we can’t compete our competitors to gain competitive advantages. That’s why nursing In-charge must be able to take her decision according to changing scenario. She has to able to make her change faster, easier, cheaper and better than her competitors.To handle her role and responsibilities effectively, her management should be the process of working through nursing personnel and other supporting staffs to provide appropriate care to the patients as per their needs. She should able to perform all the primary function of management (i.e. planning, organizing , staffing, directing and controlling ) together, not one by one if she wants to lead the hospital not only for current scenario but also for the coming future. She should able to keep a keen and open mind to generate creative nursing ideas. She can generate new ideas from the using of different sources like situation survey ( i.e. newspaper, media publications, television etc.), present working environment, related expert’s opinion, research and development etc. She has to able to integrate her skills, knowledge and experience for creating, sharing and applying new ideas to enhance hospital’s productivity, profitability and quality of services. She must able to identify, create, store, share and apply the available knowledge and skills through positive attitudes and strong moral and ethical consideration. She should able to communicate, negotiate and manage her relationships with different wards and her to able to motivate them on behave in ways that are beneficial to her hospital.Nursing In-charge has to good enough to satisfy patients and also has to able to create positive perception towards services. So, she has to follows the system PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Action). She has to think twice before taking any decision and never put off what she can complete now for tomorrow. She should be responsible not only with supervisor and nursing matron but also with hospital management committee and has to able to create effective and efficient relationship with heads for every department of her hospital and surrounding environment. She has to able to promote best practice in the nursing care through ensuring a clean and sage environment. She should able to evaluate her own standard and need to made forward with modern trends and nursing practices along with other disciplines. Her priority should be focus on professional, social, legal and ethical responsibilities. She always has to able to involve in network with each other for her hospital’s betterment. She has to be accountable and responsible towards her hospital and should respect to her hospital’s policy, culture, ethics and morality at any condition. She must able to provide excellence job by self and has to able to be done by others excellently.To catch and utilize nursing opportunities, she has to ready to face many challenges. She should able to analyze internal strengths in nursing areas and has to able to match with external opportunities to gain advantages. She should able to avoid and corrected not only internal weaknesses but also external threats. Her decision should able to support to improve the nurse/ doctor/ patient’s relationship with effective interaction. Her management should be based on effective and foresighted planning with clear vision and broad strategies. Nursing Incharge should be able to ensure subordinate’s confidence, effectiveness and efficiency through observation, discussion, support and appropriate guidance. She should be continuous and appropriate and has to able to increase the nursing knowledge, skills, job satisfaction, qualitative nursing output and enhance professional growth. For effective supervision, she has to strong enough in educational qualities ) i.e. sound knowledge of management, technical skills, experience in supervisory function and knowledge of human relation etc.) and personal qualities (i.e. good listener, pleasing manner, good power of judgment, good leadership, emotional and rational stability, good motivation skills etc.). That’s why she should be the skill of technical and managerial knowledge, effective leadership, appropriate counseling, conceptual skill, diagnostic and political skills, capacity to improve upward relationship and other determinant of human relation. She also has to able to provide her service on the based of needs, expectation and creation. Her service must be effectiveness (doing right work) and efficiency (doing the right manner).Because of changing globalization scenario, the role of Nursing In-charge is expending day to day. At the same time, the Nursing In-charge has to able to move her to participate in different nursing activities. She should able to know the importance and meaning of why? and how? before doing any activities. So, she has to think about how and why? in each step of her activities to get creative outcome in her working area. The answer of how and why? helps her to keep in touch with emotional and rational aware, collect information, keep eyes and ears open, get alternative solution, provide and get authentic information on quality service etc. She has to able to develop not only day to day planning but also her strategic planning on the based of competitive advantages. Only through the creative strategic planning, she can succeed to give her priorities in the areas like quality, cost efficiency, flexibility, reliability and the ability to cope with changing demand.

Sushila Kuwar Rana

In-Charge, Oncology Ward OMHRC