Our Mission:
  • Create exceptional standards of Medical & Service Excellence
  • Care provider of FIRST CHOICE in Nepal
  • Principal Choice for Physicians
  • Ethical Practices
  • Create International Centre Excellence for select Super Specialties
  • Safety – Patient, Customer, Staff

Our Vision:

Most admired healthcare provider in Nepal, renowned for integrated patient care and clinical outcomes, all geared towards ensuring that we get our patients back home faster after recovery.

Our Values:

  • Service -Sewabhav

The intent to serve with warmth and willingness, understanding and thought. The intent that works behind every smile and every touch. An emotion called SEWABHAV that we hold close to our heart.

  • Credibility

Our promise means everything. It unites us, connects us, directs us and guides us, in our deeds and our spirit. Our CREDIBILITY is our legacy, our word, our commitment to good health.

  • Excellence

The pursuit of the best in every action and in every deed. Getting it right every time with talent, technology and thought, till it becomes a habit. For us that is EXCELLENCE.


  • 175 Beds
  • Around 100 Leading Doctors
  • 150+ Caring Nurses
  • 100+ Support Staffs
  • Four Million Plus Patients from Nepal and India
  • FIRST IVF facility in Nepal with 1000 plus Successful Babies
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified Hospital
  • Pioneer private healthcare provider in Nepal


With over 37 clinical specialties OMHRC offers the advantage of integrated medical care in a multidisciplinary setting provided by highly qualified doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals. We offer comprehensive specialist services combined with advance medical technology. We aim to maintain our legacy as a hub by providing complex procedures and quality caresuch as ICU, NICU, Orthopedic surgeries and IVF and fertility treatment.